Be under-cautious, over-curious

In 2012 I ignored caution and embraced curiosity. 

I knew that every job I'd had up until that point felt like something was missing. It was the persistant voice asking "what if you could choose your projects, feel good about the work you are putting out into the world, report to yourself, and make a living at it?"

I thought about the worst case scenario: Failure. Then I thought about the other scenario. Soon enough, I was no longer able to answer the question, "why not?"

While my first year was filled with plenty of failures and setbacks, I had enough wins to know I made the right choice. 
The most important lesson was that following curiosity and asking "why not?" can lead to some pretty amazing things. 

This year, ask yourself where you can be less cautious and more curious. And if you're thinking about taking a leap and can't answer the question, "why not," it must be time to jump in.

I've been wanting to start a blog for a while. So here it is. This year, I am committing to posting three times a week. I will post about storytelling, business and entrepreneurship, work that I put out, and people who inspire me.

Thanks for stopping by.