You're an artist. Will you share it or hide it away?

To perfect is to create something free of faults or defects. While this is a worthy goal, it shouldn't be an excuse to put something off. 

An artist who publishes is better than the artist who obscures because they're scared of an imperfection. 

This isn't an excuse to be mediocre. 

It's just a reminder that perfection can be a road block that stands in the way of what you've set out to do in the first place. 

For us artists, no project every feels complete. One more draft would make it better. One more tweak. A catchier opening. A little more practice. 


Without that deadline, you're headed down a rabbit hole with no end in site.

There is a fear among creatives (that's everyone) that once your art is published (a proposal, presentation, conversation, an email, blog post, etc) it will be eternally judged on the world stage. 

Get over yourself. 

This mentality denies us the ability to let ourselves continually grow, change and improve. 

Do your best, own it, put it out into the world, let it go and move onto the next thing. Repeat. 

Steve Jobs famously said to a coder who kept perfecting a piece of software for the first Macintosh, "real artists ship." Despite Jobs' characteristically anal need to create perfect products, he still understood the importance of releasing those products to the world. 

What have you been obscuring to the world? Is it a business idea? A new goal? A blog? A proposal to your boss? Whatever it is, it's not doing much good hiding away like that. 

Ship it. Publish it. Share it. 

Yes, it's scary. Yes, it might fail. The thing to remember is that when something fails, it is "it" that failed, not "you." 

This is important. 

Every success stands on the shoulder of previous failings. Thomas Edison was criticized mercilessly for failing 5,000 times to create the light bulb, but his critics never realized that he was merely 5,000 times closer to success. 

So whatever it is you've been hiding, it's time to let it out. Start now, or wait forever. Your choice.