A Glimpse into New Orleans

2014 was an awesome year. It brought me to Vegas, Chicago, Colorado, California and Miami. Some of that was play, but I always took my camera with me. When the year ended, I took some time to reflect on my third year of being in business for myself, and where I wanted to go.

My conclusion, frankly, was that I was burnt out. I'd taken on more projects and bigger projects in 2014 than any other year, and I was starting to worry that I'd lose the passion. So I decided to take the winter off from normal projects, and move to a city that's been calling my name every since I played banjo for the Winona State Dixieland band. 

I'm writing this after having spent the past three months living in New Orleans. I came here out of a sense of intuition. Maybe it was the warm air with the sweet scent of magnolias, or the beautiful live oak trees. Perhaps it was the music, or the food, or the attitude that life should be about play first and work second. Either way, I was seeking to clean the slate and find some inspiration down in the Big Easy. 

Here are some of my favorite images I made over the past three months. I'm happy to say I am now prepping to return home to Minnesota feeling refreshed and looking forward to an amazing rest of the year making films.